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Title : The Balnaves Foundation Supports New Contemporary Art Series at the NGA

Apr 19, 2018

 The National Gallery of Australia has partnered with The Balnaves Foundation to commission an annual series of intervention art by Australian contemporary artists. Launching with Maze on 4 May, the series presents large-scale disruptive artworks by Sarah Contos, as well as virtual reality by Jess Johnson and Simon Ward.

Title : Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art - a contemporary snapshot tackling big social issues

Mar 7, 2018

Divided Worlds straddles ideological and geographical gulfs with its collection of sculpture, photography, installation, video and painting.

Title : Philanthropy supports journalism initiative with Indigenous affairs at its heart

Mar 5, 2018

Guardian Australia announces the agreement of a $300,000 philanthropic grant from The Balnaves Foundation to the Guardian Civic Journalism Trust to help deliver in-depth coverage of Indigenous affairs.

Title : Giving circle and new corporate donors help Adelaide Biennial raise $1.2 million

Feb 20, 2018

South Australia's flagship contemporary art exhibition secures 37% increase in donations over 2016, thanks to continued support from The Balnaves Foundation, the generosity of new business donors and an expansion of its giving circle program. 

Title : My Name is Jimi - Family keeps fire of culture burning in Torres

Jan 11, 2018

This is an exhilarating and affecting show, simply told with great humour, a splendid sense of mischief and a brilliant feeling for story and theatre. 

Title : Barbara and the Camp Dogs at the Belvoir enriches the heart

Dec 8, 2017

Barbara is a glorious figure - a wild, angry, foul-mouthed, rebellious singer who travels back to Dawrin, then Katherine, with her sister Rene and her band, the Camp Dogs.

Title : Barbara and the Camp Dogs turns pub theatre into an impassioned call to listen to Indigenous Australians

Dec 7, 2017

 Barbara and the Camp Dogs begins the way most pub gigs do - with a sound check.

Title : The Wire 2SER - Bangarra Community Nights

Dec 4, 2017

Bangarra Dance Theatre bought its production of Ones Country to an Indigenous audience last week to great applause. 

The event which is part of a tradition of Community Nights was exciting for dancers and audience members alike.

Title : Sydney Dance Company gives stage to new breed of choreographers

Dec 4, 2017

What a great night of dance: all of it brand spanking new, performed by some of the best movers on the planet and offered at $35 a ticket.

Title : New Breed Review: Emerging choreographers push the boundaries

Dec 3, 2017

This fourth annual instalment of New Breed, showcasing work by emerging choreographers set on members of the Sydney Dance Company, is well worth seeing.

Title : Unbelievable: the summer's hottest show for a fiver

Nov 17, 2017

They are always the hottest tickets in town but this summer 4,000 lucky people will be able to enjoy a show at the Opera House for as little as $5. A total of 4,000 tickets to The Unbelievables will be sold to struggling families on low incomes and from struggling socio-economic backgrounds so they can enjoy a show at the city's most iconic entertainment venue.

Title : Flex and Point

Nov 1, 2017

Not just moves - there is more to contemporary dance than meets the eye, says choreographer Melanie Lane. The only female on the bill for this year's New Breed, a Sydney Dance Company led showcase highlighting five choreography stars on the rise, Melaine Lane is obsessed with the body.

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