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Sydney Medical School at the University of Sydney is ranked amongst the top 20 Medical Schools in the world with approximately 3000 students, more than 2000 staff, and 1800 health professionals in the public and private health care systems, who contribute to our teaching and research. As a leader in medical education and research, Sydney Medical School is committed to nurturing the future health leaders of tomorrow, Early Career Researchers.

Early Career-Researchers are the lifeblood of all successful medical research projects and face an increasing battle for grant funding due to their limited body of work, lack of experience and intense competition. Early Career Researchers face a dilemma, they need research expertise to receive grant funding, but they need grant funding to do research.

The Early Career Researcher Kick Start Grants is a partnership between the Balnaves Foundation and Sydney Medical School, which supports promising Early Career Researchers by annually awarding at least 26 grants of up to $25,000 each to fund pilot projects, enabling ECRs to compete successfully for future competitive grant funding and to further contribute towards significant learnings and advances in Australian medical research.

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Neil Balnaves, Hamish Balnaves and Bruce Robinson - Kick Start Grant
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Title : No shame to beg, Unis told - The Australian

Jun 5, 2015

Australian Universities have been told to stop being embarrassed about asking for money

Title : Philanthropist Neil Balnaves looks for 'out of the box' idea - AFR

Mar 30, 2015

Neil Balnaves has donated $450,000 to the University of Sydney's medical school to help promising young scientists establish themselves in the very competitive field of medical research.

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