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Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House is Australia’s most significant building, performing arts centre, cultural precinct and meeting place, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as a masterpiece of human creative genius.

The Balnaves Foundation has supported the Sydney Opera House since 2007 through the pioneering Balnaves Foundation Open House Program.

The program improves access to the performing arts for economically disadvantaged adults and children by providing tickets at a cost of just $5 a ticket.

With the Balnaves Foundation’s focus on the arts, young people and the disadvantaged, and the Sydney Opera House's vision to inspire the greatest number of people through art and ideas, the program makes both a practical and inspirational difference to the lives of people who would not otherwise have this opportunity.

For more information on performances and how to book tickets call 02 9250 7799 or visit the link below:


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Neil Balnaves and Louise Herron at Snugglepot & Cuddlepie
Eddie Perfect with kids from Boys Town
Sydney Opera House
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Title : Gift of giving delivers family the best seat in the house

Dec 20, 2017

When Nevaeh stepped into the Sydney Opera House yesterday she ignored the world famous architecture and harbour views, and ran straight to the festive ballons and Santa Claus.

Title : Sydney families jump on cheap tickets to Opera House Shows

Dec 19, 2017

It's not surprising that it was the toddler's first time at the iconic venue - but it was also a first for her parents.

Title : Unbelievable: the summer's hottest show for a fiver

Nov 17, 2017

They are always the hottest tickets in town but this summer 4,000 lucky people will be able to enjoy a show at the Opera House for as little as $5. A total of 4,000 tickets to The Unbelievables will be sold to struggling families on low incomes and from struggling socio-economic backgrounds so they can enjoy a show at the city's most iconic entertainment venue.

Title : Snugglepot & Cuddlepie

Jun 27, 2015

Premiere performance celebrates The Balnaves Foundation Open House Program. Tickets to May Gibbs’ classic and other family-friendly shows at the Opera House available for just $5 to disadvantaged families

Title : Sydney Opera House and The Balnaves Foundation announce new partnership

Nov 6, 2014

The Balnaves Foundation Open House Program will provide 12,000 tickets at $5 to socially and economically disadvantaged adults and children.

Title : $5 tickets to the Sydney Opera House to open access to the arts for all - SMH

Nov 6, 2014

 $5 tickets to the Sydney Opera House to open access to the arts for all - SMH

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