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Royal Botanic Garden

Royal Botanic Garden

The Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney is set on the spectacular shores of Sydney Harbour right next to the famous Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Being adjacent to a busy city centre the gardens are an important place of natural beauty, where people come for peace and relaxation. The Garden’s mission is to be a place for inspiration, appreciation and the conservation of plants. It places artworks throughout the gardens that interact with the botanic world and expand or challenge people’s views about the importance of plants.

The Balnaves Foundation has gifted four sculptures to the Garden. Each Sculpture was a winner from the Bondi Sculpture by the Sea exhibition. Along with each sculpture The Foundation also made a donation to The Gardens to cover the costs of installation and maitenance of the sculptures. The four Sculptures gifted are:


  • Keld Moseholm's Mirroring 1995
  • Paul Selwood's Paradiegma Metaphysic
  • Mary Barrie's time and tide (granite monolith II)
  • Peter Lundberg's Barrel Roll

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Photo Gallery
Peter Lundberg Sculpture by the Sea
Unveiling sculpture gifted to Royal Botanic Gardens
Keld Moseholm 'Mirroring 1995'
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