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National Gallery of Australia

National Gallery of Australia

The National Gallery of Australia (NGA), located in Canberra, is the Commonwealth of Australia's national cultural institution for the visual arts.

In late 2015, the NGA established a new department of Contemporary Art Practice – Global with a brief to collect and exhibit works of art created post-2000. With this renewed purpose to engage with the contemporary moment, the NGA has developed an ambitious program of contemporary acquisitions, exhibitions, displays and events that will re-shape the institution, increase support of living artists, and expand the nature of its collection.

A major facet of this contemporary ambition is the establishment of a strong commissioning program. Such a program is part of an on-going strategy to work closely with the most exciting contemporary practitioners of today, both nationally and internationally, providing new opportunities for artists to think ‘big’ and to develop works not previously deemed possible.

The contemporary program at the NGA seeks to engage practitioners working in new currents of contemporary art, including but not limited to: large-scale installation, performance, dance, moving image, lightworks, sound art, Relational Aesthetics (Post-studio practice), alternative venue works, technology and post-internet work.

The Balnaves Foundation is supporting a three-year program of contemporary interventions from 2018 through to 2020.

Find out more about the National Gallery of Australia and its contemporary art program here.




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National Gallery of Australia - Jim Lambie's 'Sound System'
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