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Children's Cancer Institute Australia

Children's Cancer Institute Australia

The Children’s Cancer Institute Australia (CCIA) is the only independent medical research institute in Australia devoted to research into the causes, prevention, better treatments and ultimately a cure for childhood cancer. CCIA’s vision is to save the lives of all children with cancer and eliminate their suffering.

Since 2008 The Balnaves Foundation has committed over $1.5 million to the CCIA to establish the Balnaves Foundation Young Researcher’s Fund. The Fund was established to support the development of original and innovative ideas in the area of childhood cancer research. The aim is to build track records for young up-and-coming researchers so they can attain peer review funding from national sources such as the National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC). Each year young researchers (defined as being less than seven years postdoctoral) can apply for competitively awarded grants of $100,000. A number of the recipients have gone on to attract NHMRC funding as a result of the research funded by this grant. The recipients of the ‘Balnaves Foundation Young Researchers Grant’ since its inception are:

  • Dr David Ziegler (2010): Research on genes that stop brain cancers from responding to treatment.
  • Dr Jenny Wang (2011): Research on the identification of new therapies targeting leukaemic stem cells for the treatment of childhood leukaemia.
  • Dr Eddy Pasquier (2011): Research on the use of blood pressure drugs to increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy in the treatment of neuroblastoma.
  • Dr Sibasish Dolai (2012): Research into molecular level responses of cells to cancer treatments in acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.
  • Dr Sharon Sagnella (2012): Research on the utilization of nanotechnology to develop drug delivery systems targeting neuroblastoma.
  • Dr Daniel Carter (2013): Research into the mechanism of action of a specific gene associated with poor prognosis in neuroblastoma.
  • Dr Jennifer Lynch (2014): Identifying new genetic targets for the treatment of highly aggressivepaediatric leukaemia.
  • Dr Denise Yu (2014): Research into targeting metabolic pathways for the treatment of neuroblastoma.
  • Dr Daniel Carter (2015)
  • Dr Vincent Jing (2015)

In the 1950's only two percent of children diagnosed with cancer survived. Today, thanks to medical research, seventy-two percent of children survive cancer. To find out more about CCIA and donate please visit



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Hamish Balnaves with Dan Carter & Vincent Jing
Hamish Balnaves with Young Researchers Dan Carter & Vincent Jing
The Balnaves Foundation Young Researchers with Neil Balnaves AO
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Title : Balnaves Foundation funds two more child cancer researchers

Nov 12, 2015

The Balnaves Foundation, a private philanthropic organisation set up by Neil Balnaves AO in 2006, has awarded two Children’s Cancer Institute Australia (CCIA) researchers $100,000 each to explore uncharted territory in childhood cancer.

Title : Medical Grants Dry Up - The Australian

Nov 11, 2015

The success rate for project grant applications to the National Health and Medical Research Council has plunged to an all-time low at the same time Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has staked Australia’s economic future on high-end innovation.

Title : 'Junk' DNA may prove vital in finding potential treatments for childhood cancers - Mosman Daily

Jan 29, 2015

Dr Lynch and another young researcher Dr Denise Yu of Burwood are this year’s recipients of the Balnaves Young Researcher of the Year Awards.

Title : Saving little lives: How philanthropy is fighting kid's cancer - Generosity Magazine

Jan 21, 2014

Philanthropist Neil Balnaves AO is a long-time supporter of the Institute and in 2008 he established The Balnaves Foundation's Young Researcher's Fund.

Title : Balnaves researcher Dr Eddy Pasquier shows blood pressure pill improves cancer outcomes - Daily Telegraph

Aug 23, 2013

A commonly used cheap blood pressure treatment has been shown to boost the effectiveness of chemotherapy when treating childhood cancers. 

Title : Balnaves Foundation Young Researcher achieves breakthrough in the fight against childhood cancer

May 24, 2013

Researchers at Children's Cancer Institute Australia (CCIA) have discovered that high blood pressure medication can increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy in childhood cancers.

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