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Bangarra Dance Theatre Australia

Bangarra Dance Theatre Australia

Bangarra is an Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander organisation and one of Australia’s leading performing arts companies, widely acclaimed nationally and around the world for its powerful dancing, distinctive theatrical voice and utterly unique soundscapes, music and design.

Bangarra’s dance technique is forged from over 40,000 years of culture, infused with contemporary movement. The company’s 16 dancers are professionally trained, dynamic artists who represent the pinnacle of Australian dance. Each has a proud Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander heritage, from various places across the country.

Authentic storytelling, outstanding technique and deeply moving performances are Bangarra’s unique signature. 

The Balnaves Foundation supports Bangarra's commitment to ensuring that its inspiring and positive Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander experiences are accessible to all by holding COMMUNITY NIGHTS across the country - a series of special performances for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities at a discounted price before they open to the general public. COMMUNITY NIGHTS are an important component of 'giving back', paying respect and honouring the community relationships that are the foundation blocks of the company.

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