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Art Gallery of South Australia

Art Gallery of South Australia

Founded in 1881, the Art Gallery of South Australia is home to one of Australia's great art collections, housed in one of Adelaide's most beautiful buildings. Located at the heart of Adelaide's cultural boulevard, North Terrace, the Gallery welcomes more than half a million visitors each year.

Since 2009 The Balnaves Foundation provided funding for the Art Gallery to develop and deliver a program for children aged between five and ten. The program, named START at the Gallery, aimed to introduce children to the Art Gallery and set the groundwork for a life-long love of the arts. Over the 6 years, the project has successfully grown and over 6,000 children attend START each year on the first Sunday of every month.The Balnaves Foundation supported START because we believe in the immense social benefits of connecting young people with the Arts through activities that are engaging, fun and relevant to their age.

As START was well established after 6 years, in consultation with the Art Gallery, it was agreed that The Balnaves Foundation funding would shift to a new program for teenagers aged 13 - 17 years. Each NEO event will bring teenagers into the gallery to engage  with art in a social setting enlivened with live music, film screenings, food and beverages, art making activities, conversations with artists and much more! A new free membership program for youth audiences will also be introduced. NEO will engage with its audience in ways that are exciting, dynamic and relevant to them. A dedicated multi-channel social media platform will be developed for the NEO brand which will support both the social and learning dimensions.

The Balnaves Foundation also provided funds for the 2012 and 2014 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art. The Adelaide Biennial is the country's longest running survey of contemporary Australian art and represents the galleries dedication to showcasing up-to-the-minute works by Australian best contemporary artists. 

The Balnaves Foundation will also be funding the 2016 Adelaide Biennial, which will run from 27 February to 15 May 2016. Titled Magic Object, the 2016 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art takes inspiration from the Wunderkammer, delving into a world of wonder and enchantment through the eyes of Australian contemporary artists. For more information, please follow the link

NEO at the Gallery will be held 6 times each year. For more information, please visit

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Title : Nick Mitzevich, Director Art Gallery of South Australia: SA Press Club Address

Aug 26, 2016

 Nick Mitzevich, Director Art Gallery of South Australia, delivers a speech at an SA Press Club event with three major announcements that underline AGSA's success.


May 1, 2016

 Over the past six years the Art Gallery of South Australia, in partnership with the Balnaves Foundation, has built a children's program that has had an extraordinary impact on the makeup and number of Gallery visitors.

Title : Adelaide Biennial 2016 - John McDonald

Mar 12, 2016

Adelaide has thrown down the gauntlet with a show that sparkles like a revolving disco ball. I can’t recall an exhibition of contemporary Australian art which has opened with more positive energy than the 2016 Adelaide Biennial: Magic Object


Dec 22, 2015

A peer-led approach is key to the Art Gallery of South Australia's bold plan to get more teenagers aged 13 to 17 involved with its activities in 2016.

Title : Art Gallery of South Australia boosting programs aimed at Children - ABC News

Dec 12, 2015

Long-time gallery supporters the Balnaves Foundation and the James and Diana Ramsay Foundation have boosted their support. The gallery said it had secured $1 million more over the next three years to further develop its children's programs and create one aimed at 13-to-17-year-olds.

Title : Hundreds of kids visit the Art Gallery of SA for its monthly START program - Sunday Mail Adelaide

Dec 28, 2014

This month, kids were able to make a “festive hat” as part of the Fashion Icons exhibition. 

Title : Near-tragedies lead to a path of philanthropy - Sunday Mail Adelaide

Dec 7, 2014

Multi-millionaire media entrepreneur turned art lover, Neil Balnaves, wants more Australians to experience the joy of philanthropy.

Title : Children invited to yarn bomb courtyard sculpture at the Art Gallery of South Australia - Sunday Mail SA

May 31, 2014

As part of the START program at the Art Gallery of South Australia, children will take part in a yarn-bombing event.


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